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Role: Copywriter

Collaborated with: Account Management, Design, Brand Team 

When PC Financial® (A part of the Loblaw network) needed a copywriter to help them with organic social content, they reached out to me. Here, I produced various kinds of digital content pieces including evergreen organic content, mass campaign supporting content, influencer content and SEO driven blogs for their website. 

Following industry best practices and experimenting with different kinds of formats, topics and platforms including Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, we created content that helped make banking easier to understand, less intimidating and focused on building financial literacy amongst our audience while making sure that PC Financial products were presented in the best light. 

Take a peak at my work here:

Instagram: @PCFinancial



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PC Financial X Valentines Day

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Blog: The NEW PC Insiders World Elite Mastercard Launch

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Blog: PC Money™ Account

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