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Agency: Foxy Moron


My duties included: 

Copywriting, Concept Ideation & Visualization, Content Planning, Online Reputation Management

Collaborated with: 

Design, Account Management, Tech & Innovations &

Influencer Management teams



Bigrock came to us with one problem. They said 'We sell domain names and host websites but we want to communicate that through fun & engaging content', and that's what we delivered. 


With this campaign, we explained to our users why they need a '.co' domain name and how it would benefit their website. 

I did this with a series of posts but one that got the highest engagement was this 360 degree image that I created in collaboration with the designer. This post alone had over 1.5K shares and 152K+ likes.

While this plan worked for Facebook, we used a slightly different approach on Instagram. We had insights of what kind of content our users were consuming on IG and the one that stood out the most was Bollywood and Films. I leveraged that interest of our audience and incorporated that in the content. I took popular Bollywood characters and their dialogues and strategically integrated the domain name '.co' within it. 

This communication worked seamlessly and also fit perfectly with the space the brand was trying to fit in. 

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