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EFF is for

& that's exactly what I'm going to be 'Effing Around' with to experiment and create something (that's hopefully) entertaining.

Made of 4 parts Bollywood drama, 3 parts Hollywood style, 2 parts humour and 1 part suave, watch this space to catch me effing around.

Here's why I started

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According to my friends and family, I'm obsessed with films and fashion. 

According to me, they're right. 


I've always wanted to execute some ideas that were born of boredom and, with this page, I'm going to bring those ideas to life.


The ideation and brainstorming part of creating content gives me such a kick, it's almost addictive.

It's also my favourite part of effing around with content. 


No matter how small, random, weird, simple or difficult an idea is to execute, I put my whole heart (& sometimes sweat, tears, sleepless nights and overthinking) into creating it. 


My dog, Breezer, is my child and the beneficiary of my will. 

He will also have recurring appearances in the content I create.


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