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Agency: Foxy Moron


My duties included: 

Copywriting, Scriptwriting, Concept Ideation & Visualization, Content Planning 

Collaborated with: 

Design, Account Management, Direction, Video Editing &

Influencer Management teams



One of the first things that I worked on for this brand was a Valentine's Day campaign. Being a very 'pop-culture sensitive' brand with a very young target audience my team and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do something fun and engaging. 

We decided to leverage BK's bestseller product, the Whopper, and came up with a Flirty Whopper, giving singles a chance to spend the most cheesy  day of the year with their one true love, a cheesy Whopper. 

What we did? 

We modified Whopper boxes with a sound chip. Everytime a customer opened a Whopper box, they were surprised with a fun, cheesy, flirty pick up line, making it seem that the Whopper is flirting with them. 

Here are the results: 

Reach: 10M + (across all 3 platforms) 

Views: 5M+ 

Engagement: 2M+


The Indian Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league in India where national and international players team up to represent different cities of the country. BK is a proud sponsor of Mumbai Indians, one of the top-ranking teams of this league and leveraging their popularity, we did something fun. 

What we did? 

Imagine you enter a Burger King store, walk upto the counter and find your favorite cricketer standing right their, behind the cash register, ready to take your order? It would all seem unreal, right? But we made that happen. We invited these 2 players to one of the stores where they surprised their fans, interacted with them and also pulled a few pranks.

This video received a lot of love and attention from fans of both, Burger King and the Mumbai Indians.


For years, Burger King has been the reigning King of Grill, serving it's customers perfectly flame-grilled Whoppers. 

However, this Father's Day, we got one King of Grill to wish all the original Kings of Grill  

What we did: 

We decided to thank the OG Kings of Grill, A.K.A. the dads for always grilling their kids and calling them out whenever they behaved recklessly or carelessly

This was achieved through a photoshoot where we captured an angry father's expressions that every child would relate to and combined that with a copy that thanked dads for all the grilling, making their kids the responsible individuals they grew up to be. 

Not only did this campaign receive a lot of attention across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it became even more successful when these posts were also shared between users on WhatsApp.


Being a highly pop-culture sensitive brand, I chose to engage with all those moments that I knew our audience would be talking about. Then be it film releases like Joker, The Lion King or Avengers, paying a tribute to the one and only Stan Lee, celebrating Pride, Christmas or any other festival, I made sure that none of the moments were missed and the brand took a stand what they believe in across all paltforms.  

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