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Agency: Foxy Moron


My duties included: 

Copywriting, Concept Ideation & Visualization, Content Planning 

Collaborated with: 

Design, Account Management, Tech & Innovations &

Influencer Management teams



This was an initiative by the brand to get the audience to tune-in to the channel and catch their favourite shows while standing a chance to win prizes. 


They wanted posts that would not only direct the audience to their TV sets but also engage with the brand on Instagram. 


What I did? 

 Hosted a #SonicHappyHour Quest where the user needs to head from one page to the other after collecting clues. The last clue would lead them back to the Nick India Page where they can DM us all the clues they found. 

Not only was this format highly engaging, it also resulted in an increase in followers on the brand's IG page


When Team Nick came to us with the concept of Guru Cool as their Back-To-School campaign, I knew exactly what needed to be done. 

I picked popular school subjects like Math and English and gave it a 'cool' twist that the kids could relate to. I picked iconic characters from their shows. Leveraging these characters, I created a series of 'Dictionary Posts' where the meaning of commonly used slangs are explained.

Using emojis, I also created some math problems that were basically popular songs. The users were asked to send in their replies in the comments section. This activity generated a good amount of engagement on the brands Instagram page.


Kids and their excitement for Friendship Day cannot be matched. Which is is why I decided to make it special. In collaboration with the Tech & Innovations team, I came up with the Best Twogether Facebook Filter. This filter would only activate when there are 2 people in the frame.

This was my first ever experience of conceptualizing filters and as you can see below, I had a great time working on this campaign.

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