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From Friday to FriYAY...

With one statement jacket and some basics that are not too hard to find.

I absolutely love how a statement jacket can elevate any look, instantly, no matter where you plan on wearing it.

I'd like you to meet the newest addition to my wardrobe,

The Puma X Mr. Doodle jacket from VegNonVeg

I've been a Mr.Doodle fan since forever, so for me this was a dream collaboration and if you think this jacket is cool, wait till I get to the details that impressed me the most!

From the classic #Puma zip to the embroidered logos of both the brands, I love these finishing touches of the jacket.

Keep scrolling to see how I wore 1 jacket and created 3 different looks using some basics that you'd find in almost everyone's wardrobe.

The 8:00am Look

Kickstart your day with some morning #workout and a splash of style.

What I wore:

Other basics you can also wear with the jacket:

- Track pants/yoga pants

- Tank tops

- Gym shorts

- Dry-fit t-shirts

The 2:00pm Look

Be it a #lunch date with your girls or an afternoon full of #shopping, this baggy fit accompanied by the statement jacket is definitely a #comfy choice.

What I wore:

Other basics you can also wear with the jacket:

- Basic crop top

- Baggy joggers

The 9:00pm Look

Stepping out for #drinks with your buddies or meeting a cutie for a #date, this look is easy to handle yet stylish enough to make people look twice.

What I wore:

Other basics you can also wear with the jacket:

- Any little black dress

- Black short with a black crop top

- Black/white mini skirt and a black singlet

Pairing up basics with something a little quirky is my all time favorite way to style up when I step out of the house.

Try these looks out with the basics you have in your wardrobe and let me know which one made it to your #Friday!

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Kay, bye!

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